Photoshop 101

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Photoshop 101

About this course

In these sessions I'll lead you through the core elements of using and working with Adobe Photoshop. When you are done you will be able to manage, edit and ROCK! your photos! What does that mean? I mean that when we are done you will be able to take your own images, whether from an iphone, a digital SLR, a point and shoot - whatever - and make them into amazing works for art that you can hang on your well, use online on facebook and instagram, maybe even create a book or sell in a gallery. If you have a business and you need to create and manage images to promote your services or products, this course will help you get started. I know the power that Photoshop has to change your relationship to photography and even the course of your life - it happened to me. I often tell people that learning how to master Photoshop was the single most significant element of developing my career. Photoshop opened up a world of creative possibilities for me - in shooting portraits, architecture, performing arts events, family and friends, weddings, landscapes and so much more. For me there really is no photography without photoshop - it's the tool that makes images go from OK to AWESOME.

Course Structure

  • Introduction, Setting up, Calibration and Preferences
  • Color Space and File Management