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What is this "Muse" project?

By 13 Aug ’07January 21st, 2012Muse

“Muse” is a 133 page graphic novel, a story told in images and words. This is not a comic book, but more of an illustrated journey. The story is about the experiences of a woman, who is a muse in the classic sense: an immortal goddess who inspires artists and writers. She does not know this. The book is about her journey through time and multiple experiences and relationships as she comes to understand her existence and struggles to change it.

The story is told in words embedded in the images, each of which is made of many layers of photographs, documents, and textures. The images are not necessarily literal but are intended to convey the experience that she is within both physically and metaphorically or spiritually.

The book is under consideration by publishers now. In the event that it is picked up, it will hopefully be in all the normal channels. If that does not occur, look back for information about how to get a copy once I get it printed. I expect to have a limited number of first, essentially hand-made editions soon.

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