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Since 1994 I’ve been the CEO and Creative Director of Studio Two – the Branding and Design Agency known for its creative work with Theater, Museums, Regional Development Agencies, Specialty Food Brands, Architects, Law Firms, Interior Designers and Artisanal Manufacturing.

I’m first and foremost curious – I’m always wondering if there’s a better way to do things. In my work I am most effective when in a long-term creative role with my clients and their projects. Their goals become my goals – how to build stronger connections, attract larger audiences, convert visitors into customers.

I believe that good design, powerful images, and clarity of expression are the best tools I can bring to the challenge. I’m a geek by nature and I think you need to both use and grow with the tools of modern design and web publishing every day to stay connected to the possibilities. View my work at Studio Two.


Image Recognition

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At Studio Two we manage nearly 1 million images and thousands of hours of video for our clients and projects. We've been careful to organize these assets over the years…


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For 13 years Studio Two has handled the branding, marketing and messaging for the Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFFMA). The festival just wrapped a very successful, sold-out 4-day event (you…

Playing in

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I'm digging around in the code repository and links from - it's awesome... Here's a neural net drum machine ( i did NOT make this) - learn ore about…

SEO Page Audit

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I'm using tools from to get visibility into client website stats and the competition. If you would like to see some of these insights and get a free page…

Listen to the Data

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I'm a big fan of Colleen Dilenschneider's blog. Her focus is on cultural organizations (museums, theaters, etc.) and she writes in depth about  audience engagement, demographic trends, marketing, social media…

Join the 21st Century

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Sometimes you just have to know when it's time to give up the past and move into the future. I'm talking about technology here. Watching the revelations in 2016 and…

SEO and SEM – A Primer

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I've put together a pretty comprehensive presentation to help people understand the roles that SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) play in marketing and audience building. I…

Don’t let fear keep you from your goal

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My business is helping other businesses pursue success. It's a pretty simple agreement - I work with you to develop the tools, the brand and the strategies that will help…

Through a screen brightly

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For about a year now I've been focusing on working - as much as possible - with my clients via online meeting tools. These include Skype, Google Hangout, GoTo Meeting…