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Image Recognition

By 10 Jul ’18January 13th, 2022Internet Fluency, Photography, Thinks, Uncategorized

At Studio Two we manage nearly 1 million images and thousands of hours of video for our clients and projects. We’ve been careful to organize these assets over the years as we’ve created them but no matter how organized we are it still leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, let’s say I was out shooting a building for a client – and during the shoot I also photographed some lovely flowers and a tree on the front lawn. Unless I take the time to organize those flowers and tree images seperately from the house shoot its unlikely that anyone else on my team will know they exist (mind you, I do re-organize in this fashion but it’s a fallible process).

For years I’ve known that computers would catch up to the process. Now with the advent of functional A.I. (artificial intelligence) and machine-learning systems, it’s here. New products from Microsoft will analyze your images for content and keyword them, and can also analyze digital audio, identify celebrities, etc. (see the code-level demo here). For video, a fairly mature product is available for testing and demo –

An amazing development – I look forward to seeing how these integrate into our business and how they turn dormant image assets into active ones.

Below and above are screen grabs. Above is analysis of a 2:00 minute video I did for client McTeigue & McClelland and below of an image I uploaded that was auto-transcribed and a video clip that has been analyzed.