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Nice day for a white wedding

By 16 Jun ’08January 21st, 2012Photography

I photographed a wedding for my friends Sam and Molly Saturday, june 14th. It was a hot, muggy day with a bit of rain in the middle, but it all worked out. You can check out a little glimpse here.

I shoot 1-3 weddings a year, mostly for friends and family. It’s a fun job but also very demanding, and you really can’t screw up. My basic assumption living here in the Berkshires is that it is going to be a dark, rainy day, so I always come prepared with strobes and spare cameras. So far, so good….

Shooting a wedding can be pretty creative. I like to break out my funky lenses, including a couple of tilt-shift models I have that create some interesting focus fall-off effects. I have yet to come to a conclusion for why images that have that effect “look” different emotionally to me, but they just do. I think part of it is learned, something we have been trained by media to think of as “emotional” but I think that the majority of it is that the off-focus areas let your mind do a little playing, and this means dreaming, and that the brain likes to fill in the blanks, sort of like the visualization we do when we read.

In any case. I think this photo really rocks.

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  • Pamela Breslin says:

    Dear Kevin –
    A very big thank you for your amazing photography and wonderful presence at Sam and Molly’s wedding. You made the rain look delicious! We love – and I mean love! – all of the shots posted to date: nothing stilted, nothing that doesn’t feel like the Conroy-Breslin family having a great time with lots of friends on a beautiful occasion. Thank you, thank you! Pamela Breslin

  • ksprague says:

    You’re welcome! Hoping to dive into editing the rest of the photos, but I wanted to make sure that everybody got a chance to see these ASAP. It was a fun day.

  • Kate Emma Schlosser says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you so much for capturing the emotions of Molly and Sam’s wedding! You have wonderful perspective and your calming presence was a blessing! Thanks as well for sharing a quick glimpse of the photos – we are so excited to see the remainder of the shots.