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3d Thursday is a great thing.

By 2 Sep ’08January 21st, 2012Berkshire Creative, Photography

I’ve caught a number of the 3d thursdays over the last two years in Pittsfield, MA. The brain-child of Pittsfield Cultural Czar Megan Whilden, the celebration of life in the summer in the Berkshires centered on North Street in Pittsfield has grown to be a monster, but a gentle giant one. Blessed with excellent weather for the last outing in August (3d thursdays will continue in September and October), and hosting a top-notch criterium bicycle race in the waning daylight hour, the scene was amazing to behold. 

It’s a testament to vision: if you build it, they will come. It’s absolutely amazing to see all and sundry come out to enjoy a walk around this great city. Food vendors, farmers, hipsters, tatooist, kids on bikes, hot rods. Everything is there. Anyway, congratulations and a big shout-out to Megan for her vision and her work and for all the people who have helped and worked so hard to achieve this great thing.

I took a lot of fun photos here on flickr and some here: