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Mari Provencher’s Circus Photos

By 28 Aug ’09January 21st, 2012Creativity, People, Photoshop

Mari Provencher ( did a short internship at
Studio Two some years back and helped us out with shooting theatre in
the summer at Shakespeare & Co. She’s gone on to other things and is
roaming (apparently) around the country in and around circus culture.
She has a great gallery of photos taken of performers and performances
here which is really
interesting and unusual. The image I’ve attached to this post is just
a knockout. Clearly, these are two performers taking a break, chatting
backstage, but their look is almost 19th century, and the lighting and
expression of the woman on the left is cinematic. This feels like it
would be at home in high-concept fashion book with its tension between
the mundane and the extraordinary. It makes we want to know more,
which is really (for me) the mark of an interesting photograph, a
moment in time that connects to a story. Great work Mari! I hope many
more people see this.

Posted via email from Kevin Sprague