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Terry Teachout Reviews Twelfth Night and A Streetcar Named Desire

By 14 Aug ’09January 21st, 2012Theatre, Uncategorized

Terry Teachout has a great review for “Twlfth Night” at Shakespeare & Co and for “A Streetcar Named Desire” at Barrington Stage Co. He says this about “Twelfth Night”:
“I don’t know when I’ve seen anything funnier than his staging of the swordfight between Viola (Merritt Janson) and the fatuous Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Ryan Winkles), a piece of slapstick so precisely calculated and perfectly realized that it comes close to stopping the show. Almost as ludicrous is the near-demented lust with which the exquisite Countess Olivia (Elizabeth Raetz) chases the hapless Viola (who is disguised as a boy) all over the stage, eventually nailing her with an eye-popping kiss that clearly causes its recipient to reconsider the strength of her commitment to heterosexuality.”
I agree with him. Go get your tickets now. Summer is coming to an end and NOW is the time to get there!

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