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Pedro S. De Movellán – Artistry in Motion

If you don’t know Pedro S. De Movellán’s work – you should. Pedro is a resident of the Berkshires and a leader in the world of kinetic sculpture. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and filming his work for some time now and it is truly extraordinary. He has inherited the regional mantle for kinetic sculpture pioneered by George Rickey, the late artist whose studio is over the line in Columbia County – but I think Pedro has taken this to a whole new level of material, craftsmanship, and creativity. The majority of Pedro’s work is set into motion just by air currents – so finely balanced that the merest puff sets them going. He also has some clockwork sculptures that are a marvel. Pedro has a new exhibition at the Maxwell Davidson Gallery in NYC coming up soon. Take a look at the link and you can see some great video clips of his work in motion.

Posted via email from Kevin Sprague