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Shaker Values

By 21 Jan ’12May 13th, 2012Case Studies


On the cusp of their 50th Anniversary, Hancock Shaker Village, a National Historic Landmark and a leading museum of Shaker history and thinking, set out to transform their mission and role for the 21st century by dedicating themselves to making the community a vital organization. They asked Kevin and his team at Studio Two to work with them to bring the brand into alignment with their values and vision, and collaborate on that expression across all their media and internet presence.


The village comprises a significant community of stakeholders and a broad, diverse constituency. Layered on that is a long, stable history and an appropriate conservatism among staff, administration and board of trustees. An inclusive, sensitive approach to shaping a design that honored these values but pushed the envelope was pursued.


Kevin engaged the stakeholders in multiple vision and values workshops. He listened, queried, and engaged the community in a dialogue about the institution – its history and its future. He embraced the controversies, the conflicting points of view, and recorded what he saw. His solution emerged during the design process as an expression of the graphic and typographic heritage of the Shakers balanced with an emboldened yin/yang element that highlights their most significant icon – the round barn, while lending it new meaning as a place of learning and sustainability.