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2012 Vision

By 16 May ’12May 17th, 2012Photography, Photoshop, Theatre, Work

A new year brings a new season at Shakespeare & Company. This year the mix of images span the gamut from film noir to Shakespeare. What I love about this client relationship is that we’ve all worked together for so long that success is an assumption – we all know that our collaboration will bear great fruit. And it is a collaboration, between Marketing Director Elizabeth Aspenlieder, the actors involved in the shoots, Govane Lohbauer and the costume department, and the artistic leadership coming down from Tony Simotes.

Trust in vision, trust in process, and trust in inspiration – trust builds great opportunity and a better product. It also makes the process quick, efficient and cost-effective. The mean timeline on these individual shoots, from concept development to execution and delivery takes just a couple of hours, tops. We know what we are doing.