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SCRAMBLS hits top gear

By 28 Jun ’12July 4th, 2012Consults, Thinks, Work

It’s not every day that one of your brands really “gets in gear” but today we’re proud to bring attention to the partnership of Studio Two branding client and cutting-edge social media tool SCRAMBLS with KleenSpeed Technologies and their revolutionary electric CAN-AM racing car. SCRAMBLS is a technology ( that allows users of all types of social media and the web in general to encrypt and manage private communications on public networks – you might have seen it in use on your facebook page. We’ve written about them previously here and here. The official press release is here.

A strong, well-crafted brand is one that has a flexible foundation – the ability to adapt and integrate well with a changing media landscape without losing its impact and clarity. A shout out to SCRAMBLS lead designer Simon Tidnam for the excellent deployment of the brand onto the car’s skin. Now here’s to hoping that they win their series!