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Custom Book Project

Studio Two recently took delivery of an interesting and unique custom book project that we designed for long-time client McTeigue & McClelland, Jewelers (MCII). This publication was commissioned to commemorate the design and creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of personal jewelry – a rosary and crucifix for a private collector. The rosary was a private commission with specific parameters, but its overall design and execution, as well as the selection of materials, gems, and techniques, was done by Tim McClelland, master jeweler, and Walter McTeigue, master gemologist.

Studio Two worked with MCII on the design and production of the volume. Working with supplied photographs that Tim took during the construction, and original photography by Kevin Sprague done on-site at their studios, the piece was created to show the unique steps and thoughts that went into making this substantial piece. From original research and sketches, to the casting, fabricating and etching, to the final construction and finish – the book tells the story of how something unique and wonderful is made, by hand, from fundamental raw materials.

A limited edition, the book was printed using The innovation and freedom of on-line, on-demand publishing systems like Blurb has allowed us to bring a very high-quality, well-crafted final product to our clients in efficient and affordable ways. If you have a custom publishing project you would like to explore, please contact us.