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Google Surveys

By 14 Feb ’13February 27th, 2013Internet Fluency, Thinks

Here’s the newest thing that just came across my radar – Google Surveys – wow – this has a lot of potential. Basically, you figure out what you want surveyed and Google does the rest – for a price (.10 per respondent – not cheap but probably much cheaper than comparables – and it’s GOOGLE!). So interesting…. so what should we ask?

This is another amazing powerful tool for you to use in understanding your customers – along with google analytics – and if you do paid google advertising with adwords, those results as well.

Of course a survey is only as good as the questions you ask – and one has to be aware of the potential for bias in the answers based on the syntax of the question. I just made my first survey and am awaiting response! Google sent me a $75 coupon, which helps – let’s see what happens – stay tuned!

[blockquote]To write it, it took three months;
to conceive it three minutes;
to collect the data in it; all my life.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald [/blockquote]
Screen grab of the results from my survey into what it should cost to build a custom website...

Screen grab of the results from my survey into what it should cost to build a custom website…

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  • Kevin: Thanks for the information on Google Surveys. As a “Google Adwords” merchant myself, I realize the power of this type of coverage and
    customer feedback. Thanks for listing the info.

    By the way, my wife and I have owned a carved-sign company in the Berkshires region for over 40 years; our daughter had expressed interest in an internship with you for this summer, but accepted an internship at her prior alma mater, Emma Willard, in their own, in-house communications dept. We are big fans of the work you had done for Shakespeare & Co.

    Kevin Doherty / Montauk Sign Carving Co. / East Nassau, NY 12062

  • Nancy Fitzpatrick says:

    Look forward to your report on the survey you’re testing.

  • ksprague says:

    Well – my first foray into surveys is a curious and not terribly useful one – I whipped this up quick when I had a moment and it may just have been too off-market – but I have to say the interface/results of the survey are really interesting and I think that if you considered your question carefully this might be a powerful tool…I’m on the fence – clearly there is expertise out there in how a survey should be crafted to optimal result. My first try resulted in 50% of respondents choosing “non of the above”…. not so useful. Stay tuned or share your story about using this tool.