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We’re liking the Adobe Creative Cloud – for those of you who aren’t designers, this is the new approach that Adobe has taken with all their software products like photoshop, inddesign, illustrator and many more. Essentially they are moving to a 100% subscription service for the software that is scalable by what you need when, and can be easily managed across a team of designers. So far – it just works. We’re getting up to speed on some of their new web tools like Muse and Adobe Edge Animate and downloading, installing and activating was a breeze.

If you don’t already have an adobe account – go sign up. Then you can choose your plan and get cracking. Now there’s no reason to not dive into some of these great tools! (Of course, we want you to hire us to make your design needs sing – but I would never suggest that anyone shouldn’t have a great creative time on their own! let us know if you need help…!) best – Kevin