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When you are a small business owner like myself you never stop thinking about building business – connecting with new clients, ideas and opportunity. It’s one of the most attractive aspects of being in business for yourself – the possibilities that every day brings. As many of you who follow my progress and the progress of Studio Two know the last year has been marked by the deliberate creation of possibilities – we’ve expanded our footprint outside of the New England region to include a new presence in Miami, FL – and in the process expanded our thinking about what we do and how we do it.

Why Miami? We visited it a number of times and really like the cultural scene, the creative energy, the influence of Art Basel, and (of course) – the weather! But it hasn’t really been about Miami or even Florida – it’s been about getting out of our own comfort zone and discovering new experiences, people and possibilities. So far we’ve had new projects in Tampa, Boca Raton, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York City, and a number of other places – all courtesy of the willingness of people to lend an ear to what it is we do, what we are passionate about, and to put their trust and resources in our hands.

Our business is helping other businesses grow and create value. It’s that simple. Our work is about defining and clarifying, imagining and creating, and ultimately expressing our client’s dreams and ideas into the marketplace. We’re good at it – the great majority of the clients we have had over the last 18 years have stayed with us through the vicissitudes of the economy, changes in technology, and all the daily challenges of trying to do better. They have grown – in many case by many multiples. New stores were opened, new products created and put on the shelves, new building purchased or built, new equipment installed. We have grown with our clients.

So – if you happen to be reading this post and are wondering who we are and whether we can help your business, institution or organization achieve its goals and prosper, I invite you to just get in touch – any way you like – and lets have a conversation. We are real people – we care deeply about what we do – and we are passionate about helping others thrive.