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It’s not marketing until it leaves the building

By 30 Apr ’14September 23rd, 2014Thinks, Uncategorized, Work

“It’s not marketing until it leaves the building” is something that I often am compelled to remind myself when working at Studio Two. Unfortunately it’s also a mantra I have to make repeatedly to clients who are caught in a spiral of revisions and rethinking during a project. The pursuit of perfection – or at least perceived perfection – is admirable if one is building nuclear power plants but may be overkill if you are simply trying to launch a website for a small company. Time, money, passion and attention are always in short supply – we should want to leverage these assets into creating passionate customers and valuable connections as quickly as we can. To that end, I always pursue the idea that our work is never done – it’s always evolving. We should look at our creative output as evolutionary and revolutionary – we should learn from the market, build our data and our channels, and adjust – always seeking to do better. If you’re staring at the screen wondering if you have *just* the right words for your next e-blast, or you’re stuck choosing between two fundamentally identical photographs for your homepage, or you can’t seem to launch that new ecommerce site because there just might be an exception to the shipping tables that you haven’t figured out yet – stop. Make a decision to leave the building with your words, your image, your site. Now. Because tomorrow is a day too late.