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History Means Nothing

We’re brought up to believe that what has happened in the past influences the present – and the future. “Learn our lessons”, “Don’t make the same mistake twice”, and “invest in the future” – that kind of thing. The problem is that people – and organizations even more so – are simply not wired to think about the past.

Is your future based solely on what you have done for your clients in the past? Or are you proactively engaged in their present and future? Trust that you had better be focused on what they are focused on. People change – goals change – leadership changes. If your future relationship is based on past performance you might believe that it qualifies you more than the competition.

You would be wrong. Today is a new day and the new people could give a flying $%*# about your past efforts. What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? Will you be perfect, responsive, aggressive, focused? – Sure, you were yesterday. They don’t care about that.

Don’t watch your back – change is going to happen right in front of you.

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