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Everyone struggles at their own level. You, me, them – part of being alive is living which means needing, wanting, pursuing, getting, having, eating – you know the drill. Maybe when we meditate or sleep that sense of striving relents momentarily but even the happiest, most well-adjusted person is still greeting their next moment with a sense of “let’s do this!”

Yet living is not something we do mindfully, most of the time. It’s auto-pilot.

If you want to find more of a sense of NOW in your life. More of a sense of the present – try these things.

  • Reduce. Reduce. Reduce. – Get rid of the stuff that slows you down, needs tending without giving back, and requires maintenance just to stay in one place.
  • Limit your options. Choose. Choose from the many things you COULD do and do one of them. Till it’s done.
  • Decide. Make a choice. Go with your gut. Stop researching. Choose and move on. Clothes, house, car, stocks, cats, dogs.
  • Experience. When you are doing something – just do it. Soon it will be over so enjoy it.
  • Summarize. Complex ideas are hard to hold onto – if you find something that works for you, that makes you system operate – then make it a mantra in your mind.
  • Habits. Let your habits take care of you – don’t fight the good ones. Feel like cleaning the house? Just do it now. That will make time for forming new habits, like writing every day for 30 minutes. Habits are really who we are – so shape them carefully.

That’s it. Trying to keep these in my own daily practice of life. Give them a try and see what sticks. Thanks!

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