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Game-changers come in small packages

I’m a photographer and a videographer by profession and by hobby – growing up we had a darkroom and my brothers and I spent hours developing film, making prints and photograms and just messing around. It was great. My dad gave me a Nikon FE-2 SLR (my spirit object – you can read about it here.) I loved that camera but when things went digital I was one of the first on the bandwagon – SN#11 Nikon D1! – Going digital was a total game-changer that evolved my life and career in great ways.

On the video front I used to shoot a lot of corporate video on Sony U-Matic 3/4″ machines, then Hi-8, and then DV. This gear is heavy, expensive and finicky.



So – the other day I upgraded from my iphone5 to a 6s – and while I was in theApple store I saw this Feiyu-Tech g4Pro Gimbal for iphone – so I got one. At $299 not cheap but way less expensive than a $5,000 steadicam rig…

I fiddled with it for about 30 minutes one evening, then took it to shoot a short walk-through of a construction project for a client here in #Miami. It’s a game-changer: dolly-shots, crane moves, walking up and down stairs, over rough ground. It’s a selfie-stick from another universe. The thing just works – the video is smooth as silk.

Isn’t technology amazing? Here’s the video.