Since 1994 I’ve been the CEO and Creative Director of Studio Two – the Branding and Design Agency known for it’s creative work with Theater, Museums, Regional Development Agencies, Specialty Food Brands, Architects, Law Firms, Interior Designers and Artisanal Manufacturing.

I’m first and foremost curious – I’m always wondering if there’s a better way to do things. In my work I am most effective when in a long-term creative role with my clients and their projects. Their goals become my goals – how to build stronger connections, attract larger audiences, convert visitors in customers.

I believe that good design, powerful images, and clarity of expression are the best tools I can bring to the challenge. I’m a geek by nature and I think you need to both use and grow with the tools of modern design and web publishing every day to stay connected to the possibilities. View my work at Studio Two.


lynmar evening

How to make lemons into lemonade in Photoshop

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I love photoshop. It never ceases to help me find ways to tell more powerful stories for my clients – and myself – through images. It also is really a…

feiyu pro

Game-changers come in small packages

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Thanks to Moore’s law and the pace of innovation amazing new things come out on the technology landscape every day. Certainly there’s a lot of time being spent on debating the…


The one simple mistake that keeps you from moving ahead

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There’s a difference between intelligence and knowledge. Intelligence is our ability to process, understand, analyze and think. Knowledge is the specific information we possess and have proficiency in. We can…


When the Exception becomes the Rule

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Everyone encounters obstacles in their work and life. Some of these are daunting, some overwhelming, some impossible – or seemingly so. For many people the obstacles in their way are…

Mary Clare Hogan

Digital fluency – where no one will make fun of your accent

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When we are young and go to school almost everyone spends time learning another language – french, spanish, latin. The precept is that learning a new language expands our minds…

The challenges of inbound and content marketing – and the opportunities.

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I’ve been investing a lot of time recently researching the state of the art of inbound marketing and content marketing – from Hubspot a definition: “Since 2006, inbound marketing has…

chocolate for customers

5 Extra steps to take with your e-commerce customers this holiday season.

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Hi friends – we were just talking about the great performance figures that our clients’ online stores are experiencing right now and had some ideas about good practices you might want to be…

Should your Non-Profit be using a CRM? Can you afford not to?

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I’ve been working on a number of different websites and marketing/development initiatives for clients lately in the non-profit cultural space and there’s been one, consistent thread in my work. How…

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SimpleSize it

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I’m motivated to harp on one of my favorite topics again – the need to help businesses and institutions grasp that just because THEY are BIG doesn’t mean that their…