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So there’s a brand new app from Twitter called “Vine” that is really fun – you can make 6-second long videos with your phone (iphone for now I think) and post to twitter, facebook and Vine’s own site. Here’s one I made about 2 minutes after downloading the app: Welcome to Studio Two. There’s some interesting examples of this in use on their blog. Also, a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to save a few $$ on NOT registering the various alternatives to your domain name – notice that this is which is NOT owned by… I wonder how they are feeling about saving $29.00 a year on not securing all the domain variants that they possibly could for their valuable 4-letter domain….!

So what do we do with this? I would say the jury will be out for a while, but if I was running communications at one of my client businesses or institutions, I’d sign up and start playing with it now. Remember how we all scratched our heads at Twitter when it first started? “What can you say in 140 characters?”…. History proved them right. Here’s some ideas:

  • Make a video of your mission statement – one word at a time.
  • Moving something in your museum? 6 seconds should make it look exciting!
  • World’s shortest virtual tour
  • Upcoming event? 6-seconds to let me know how fun it is going to be
  • Something beautiful going on in the greenhouse? Maybe 6-seconds of Zenn is what we need shared
  • And of course …. whatever is popular today for the office coffee break.

What fun!

6 Seconds at Studio Two