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Courtesy not Common

To paraphrase Seth Godin – “you have to ship”. In other words, at the end of the day your impact on the world is relatively meaningless unless you actually put action to ideas – ship, publish, communicate, act.

In our interpersonal relationships we promote kindness and courtesy in many ways – a phone call, a short email, a handwritten note, a friendly comment on facebook. Consider your day – have you made that gesture or is it still waiting to “ship”? If so – what’s keeping you?

Too busy. Don’t know what to say.

Or maybe – you don’t realize that courtesy is currency.

Businesses and Organizations – despite what the supreme court says – are not people. And they are not courteous. You – on the other hand – can be. You are a human and your future is based on the relationships you build and maintain. If you are the voice of your business or institution, remember that. Courtesy flows from you. Don’t be too busy, too important, too disconnected from a simple gesture of respect and acknowledgment.

Courtesy is Currency. Make it more common and spread it widely. #yourturnchallenge